Welcome to Amsterdam Tourist Doctors

Welcome to Amsterdam Tourist Doctors

24/7 Medical care for Tourists & Expats
Please note: appointments at the practice for weekends & public holidays can be booked exclusively by phone, only on the day itself between 8AM-8PM.

Practice: Also walk-in possible. 
Appointments always have priority.

Home & hotel doctor visit service.
Weekends & Public Holidays

Practice: Appointment always required.
Walk-in not possible.

Home & hotel doctor visit service.


Home & hotel doctor visit service.

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Amsterdam Tourist Doctors, 24/7 Medical care for Tourists & Expats

Amsterdam Tourist Doctors, 24/7 Medical care for Tourists & Expats

Need medical help while visiting or living as an expat in Amsterdam? Amsterdam Tourist Doctors aim to offer you the best 24/7 medical care for an affordable price. Our highly skilled doctors and medical staff will gladly help you with any health issue during your stay. Our practice is situated in the Makroon Medical Center right in Amsterdam city center, close to Leidseplein. In addition to consultations in our practice daily between 8AM-8PM, we offer day & night home & hotel doctor visit service*. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC scheme) and AON Student Insurance cover weekdays consultations in our practice. Costs for medical treatments provided by Amsterdam Tourist Doctors are covered by most of travel-, health- and expat insurances worldwide. You will receive all-inclusive receipt for submitting reimbursement request at your insurance.
* Our 24/7 home & hotel doctor visit service is operated in cooperation with HotelDoc.nl 
24/7 medical services for an affordable price

24/7 medical services for an affordable price

Consultations with GP, small surgical interventions, medical diagnostic and analysis and physician's visits at your residence are the services Amsterdam Tourist Doctors offer as part of 24/7 medical care at an affordable price
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors General Practice Medical Surgeries Additional Diagnostic
Medical help in English and other languages

Medical help in English and other languages

Being understood is a necessity for a professional medical advice. All our staff is fluent in English (and Dutch), and some speak also Arabic, French, German and Spanish.
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors team of highly skilled doctors, medical and supporting staff
Near Leidseplein in Amsterdam city center

Near Leidseplein in Amsterdam city center

Amsterdam Tourist Doctors is situated in Makroon Medical Center in Amsterdam city center at Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat, a short street connecting Nassaukade and Marnixtraat, only 5 minutes walking from Leidseplein.

Find your way to Amsterdam Tourist Doctors, Medical center in Amsterdam city center, Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 8 Amsterdam
Makroon Medical Center Amsterdam

Makroon Medical Center Amsterdam

Makroon Medical Center is also home to General Medical Practice de Makroon (medical care for residents with Dutch health insurance) and Amsterdam Travel Clinic (travel health advice and vaccinations).
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors Makroon Medical Center Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 8 Amsterdam City Center

Medical consultations, medical diagnostics and analysis and small surgical interventions at one address

At Amsterdam Tourist Doctors you can be assured of receiving 24/7 high quality medical care provided by our team of highly experienced doctors, medical and supporting staff. 

The practice of Amsterdam Tourist Doctors in Amsterdam city center is the place for your general medical consultations, diagnostics and analysis, and where you may undergo small surgical interventions – all at one address, daily between 8AM-8PM. Bodily fluids (e.g. blood and urine) and bodily waste samples (faeces) may be collected on site and our own in-house laboratory is able to conduct the number of tests, among others, tests on C-reactive protein and, also anonymously, on STDs & HIV.  Electrocardiography (ECG), ultrasound, spirometric (lungs check-up) and dermatological examinations are also performed on site using latest technology devices, enabling us to provide accurate diagnosis in a speedy manner. In-house treatments include treatments with so called Kenacort injections for joints pain relief.

A wide range of newspapers and magazines and free coffee and tea is on your disposal in our contemporary waiting area; needless to say, we aim to minimize your waiting time.

Amsterdam Tourist Doctors laboratory blood test STD test CRP test
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors ultrasound research
The services offered by Amsterdam Tourist Doctors are available for persons without Dutch healthcare insurance.
Do you have Dutch healthcare insurance?
Please contact General Medical Practice de Makroon (Mo-Fr 8AM-8PM) or Huisartsenpost (Mo-Fr 8PM-8AM and during weekends and public holidays)
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