STD & HIV Tests at Amsterdam Tourist Doctors



Amsterdam Tourist Doctors conduct, also anonymously, HIV tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)*. STD tests may be conducted three weeks after contamination while, in case of HIV, it is three months after infection. These tests may also be performed earlier though, in cases that the patient shows certain symptoms.

* Available Monday-Friday
Target group

Target group

Target groups for STD/HIV test
  • Individuals or their partners belong to the risk group (see below)
  • Persons engaging in unprotected sex
  • Individuals with symptoms indicating STD infection
  • People starting new relation
Risk groups
  • Young sexually active individuals under age of 25
  • Individuals with frequent sexual contact with multiple partners
  • Men who have sex with men
  • Commercial sex workers and their clients
  • People with STD’s history
  • People originating or coming from the areas with high STD risk (Suriname, Dutch Antilles, Turkey, Morocco, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe)
The procedure

The procedure

Which test has to be performed depends of the type of STD.

Urine tests and sample collection from vagina or penis, anus and throat are done in case of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Blood tests are performed in case of syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B.
In case of trichomonas, urine test is performed for men and test of vaginal lubrication for women.

Genital herpes and warts and crab louse do not require any test as they are visible by naked eye.

Before any test is done, you are required to answer a number of questions about your sexual life and sexual partners.


The results are available within few days and you may be informed about them by phone, an e-mail or, if desired, in consultation in our practice. Positive results (the existence of STD is confirmed) will require a separate consultation in order to discuss the adequate treatment.

An STD and HIV test is not included in the price of a consultation; a surcharge applies.