Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM

Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM

Consultation at the practice *
€ 45,00

Home/ Hotel 
visit * **€ 150,00

Prescription *** € 25,00

 Weekends & Public Holidays 8AM-8PM

Weekends & Public Holidays 8AM-8PM

Consultation at the pratice* € 90,00 

Home/ Hotel visit* **€ 150,00 
Prescription*** € 25,00

Monday-Sunday 8PM-8AM

Monday-Sunday 8PM-8AM

Home/ Hotel visit* ** € 150,00

Prescription*** € 25,00

*     the charge is including a prescription and excluding any medication
**   24/7 home & hotel visits are operated by HotelDoc.nl on behalf of Amsterdam Tourist Doctors (on public holidays, home & hotel visits € 175,00)
*** not applicable in case of a consultation at the practice or home & hotel visit

Consultations at the pratice are covered by the European Health Insurance Card and the AON Student Insurance (Mo-Fr).

In our practice, cash and most debit- and major credit cards are accepted (in our practice, no surcharge applies for credit card payments).

During home & hotel visits, cash and most debit- and credit cards are accepted (during home & hotel visits, a surcharge of €5,00 applies for credit card payments).

Worldwide, most travel-, health- and expat insurances reimburse the expenses made for medical treatment received by us. A detailed receipt for submission to insurances will be provided. 


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Amsterdam Tourist Doctors aims to provide visitors of Amsterdam with the best 24/7 medical care for a reasonable price.


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